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What is Fax to Email and how does it work?

Get your entire company set up in 4 easy steps If one has worked in an office then the fax machine has been a part of almost every business. Love them or hate them the fax machine has be relegated to the backoffice area or in a closet. Ever faithful and reliable but with the […]

The IRS uses fax because it’s secure.

The IRS gets flack for a lot of reasons but one recent article regarding the IRS use of fax machines is misleading. Yes, everyone knows that old physical fax machines are dated and the migration of many legacy machines to newer Fax to Email services are commonplace but the IRS still utilizes fax technology because […]

Fax Broadcast vs. E-mail Broadcast

Smart companies have been using fax broadcast marketing for decades. A fax broadcast is one of the only business communication formats that enables B2B marketers to immediately communicate a marketing message and confirm immediate delivery. Since most businesses use e-mail broadcast marketing it’s important to compare the two in one very important category, open rates. […]

Fax to Email: Going green and saving money too!

As a society we still go through too much paper. Even in this digital age we are still inundated with paperwork and documents daily. In contrast faxing has actually led the way in reducing paper waste with more usage of Fax to Email and online digital fax solutions. Fax to Email: Waste less paper Waste […]

Why HIPAA Compliant fax cover sheets are important.

Privacy and Security of an individual’s medical records and health information is more important than ever in an age of daily reports of hacked servers and data theft. HIPAA addresses these concerns; it’s regulations are strictly enforced and have shaped how medicine is practiced in our country. To learn more about HIPAA compliance see our […]

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a United States legislation, signed in 1996. The goal of HIPAA was to standardize the electronic transmission of medical transactions. So basically, HIPAA protects each individual’s medical information while also providing continuous health insurance coverage for workers who might lose or change their jobs. In addition […]