How to add the WestFax API into your enterprise application

You have your enterprise application coded but you need to be able to send faxes occasionally. Sure, you could just generate a PDF, Print it off and then fax it. But with just a few lines of code you can integrate faxing into your application. Here are some simple instructions to get your application fax enabled. In this article we will show you how to send a fax.

Here is what you need:

  1. We will assume you are using a relatively modern development framework. PHP, React, .Net, etc…
  2. We recommend you use a tool like Postman (Free and available on all platforms) to test your API’s and generate the code.
  3. Developer API account. Easy to sign up and get started immediately.

The WestFax API is comprised of a large set of methods that are exposed using a RESTful interface. Data can be interchanged in a number of formats including JSON and XML. Additionally, WestFax offers SOAP and RPC bindings that are described elsewhere. For the purposes of this demo the REST interface with JSON encoding is used.

  1. Get the sample code for Postman. Link here.
  2. Click Download or Fork it to your local repo.
  3. Once you have the local files you should see two Json Files: WestFaxApi_Postman_collection.json and WestFaxApiEnvironment.postman_environment.json
  4. Open Postman and create a new Request. You can call it whatever you want to call it but we will use WestFax.
  5. Now go click the File -> Import command.
  6. Drag or select  the two Json Files from the code you downloaded earlier and click import.
  7. You will see it quickly import and you will have 23 requests in your new WestFax Collection.
  8. Now look at the top right corner of postman. You should see a drop down and an “eye” icon and a gear icon.
    Select the Dropdown to select “WestFaxApiEnvironment” and then click the Eye icon.
  9. You will now see a bunch of pre-defined variables. You will want to change these by clicking Edit.
  10. Change the default values to the ones you received when you signed up for API access.
  11. Now let’s go test to make sure we are connecting ok and getting a response from the server. On the left menu under “23 requests” select the “Security_Ping”. Go ahead and click the blue “SEND” button.
  12. You should see something like this come back from the API. If not please feel free to contact us for support.
  13. Now let’s try to send a fax. If you have an incoming number attached to your account you can use that or any other fax number. You can also use the well known HP Faxback test number at 1-888-473-2963. They will fax you back that they received your fax usually within 5 minutes.
  14. So click the Fax_SendFax method on the left and you will see this for your Body setup.
  15. The {{Orange}} values are filled in from the config you already set so you can ignore those. The values you need to set are the Numbers1, Files0 fields. The rest are optional and you can unclick them if you want. Although adding a FeedbackEmail value is useful to get confirmation of the fax sending. Once you set all these variables go ahead and click send.
  16. You should see a result code of True and a hash string with the confirmation code.
  17. Ok, so here is a neat trick that Postman give us. You can get all your code done for you. Just click the button “Code”. It’s kind of buried near the Send button next to cookies.
  18. Now when you click code you will get formatted code for almost any programming language you may need:

Success! As you can see it’s not hard at all to add Faxing to your Enterprise application. If you have questions or need more help please reach out to us at 800-473-6208 or contact us via email.


5 Essential tools for Digital Nomads

Traveling the world and working remotely is a new hot trend. Whether your destination is stateside or at an exotic location you will find that living remotely can pose an interesting set of challenges. There are plenty of websites dedicated to digital nomadism but here are 5 easy ways to keep things running smoothly.

Google Drive / Google Apps

Odd’s are you already have this but are you fully utilizing it? There are tools such as Sheets (Excel replacement), Docs (Word Replacement) and Slides (Powerpoint) that can open, save and edit any of the aforementioned formats. But you have MS office already. Why change things? Well, that’s fine for most people but imagine if you lose your laptop or the hard drive crashes when you are in a distant land or if your luggage is stolen. If your files are on the cloud you can just use your phone or buy a cheap replacement computer and get all your data back immediately.

Vonage Phone Adapter

If you maintain a business presence in the US or need to be on the phone then you already know that cell phones are not going to be optimal for this due to expensive roaming and long distance fees and spotty connection. Having a VOIP phone adapter (Check this out) can be plugged into a network and forward your local US number to your local device. One digital nomad we know maintained his DC based business for 6 weeks in Argentina and no one knew he was there.

WestFax Fax To Email

Similar to the phone adapter above if your business needs access to fax or document management services that use fax then having a fax to email service is critical. Using WestFax’s Fax to Email service you can have a toll free or local number and sending a fax is as simple as sending an email.

If you need to send documents securely or you’re in any healthcare related field, access to fax is likely essential. Sending a fax using a service ensures your important documents are secure and won’t fall into international hackers hands. Using public fax machines overseas can be monitored as well.


This one is pretty obvious. Get your Skype account setup and activated, test your hardware and microphone so you know it works well. Having a spotty or poorly configured Skype setup can make working remotely painful. Having and solid headset can make the difference. Check out these webcams too.


There are many Digital nomad sites out there but a few stand out.

    This site has detailed metrics and data on many cities around the world and key information about Housing, cost of living, crime, etc… It also has useful data like Gym club membership costs, internet costs, and more. The amount of data is staggering. Check out Tokyo
  • Workfrom
    This site is useful for daily use if you travel for business. Just let it know where you are or where you are going and find coffee shops, co-working and more. There are also app versions as well.

Regardless of how much you plan on traveling and working abroad having a solid tool set. Using the same tools at home and remote makes the remote experience a cinch.

Learn more about Nomadism here.

What is Fax to Email and how does it work?

Get your entire company set up in 4 easy steps

If one has worked in an office then the fax machine has been a part of almost every business. Love them or hate them the fax machine has be relegated to the backoffice area or in a closet. Ever faithful and reliable but with the advent of newer scanning and workflow options on copiers and other devices we are seeing a move to more digital fax solutions. Offering faxing service to your entire workforce is as easy as sending an email.

Here is how easy our Fax to Email service is to set up:

  1. Create an account on our Fax to Email service and choose your toll free or local fax number.
  2. Once you have your account created head over to Fax-Email settings under the account menu.
  3. On the Allowed Senders option just add your staff email accounts (see below)
  4. Once you have your emails added anyone can send an email to (replace # with the number) and your fax will be sent.
  5. That’s it! Easy. Signup today for a two month FREE trial of WestFax Fax to Email service.