Here are a couple facts sure to get your attention:

  • It takes one 15-year old tree to produce half a box of paper.
  • You can spare that tree by switching to Internet faxing.
  • Each year you do so you’ll save another tree.

When you replace your fax machine with Internet faxing, you reduce the amount of paper your business consumes. If you require signed documents or handwritten notes, the savings can be significant. Add to this other consumables including ink cartridges and toner. Then factor in the cost of energy to operate each fax machine in your office.

Consider this scenario: Sending invoices through Internet fax instead of postal mail saves paper, is faster, and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions from saved fuel costs.

That’s why so many businesses are switching to Internet faxing. Solutions including FaxForward from WestFax convert incoming faxes into electronic images that are delivered directly to email inboxes or FTP locations. WestFax’s Fax API offering adds the ability to fax from within mission-critical software applications along with receiving inbound faxes from wherever you might be.

If all of this doesn’t make you feel like doing the right thing then consider the added benefit of improved productivity by not rushing to a fax machine or waiting on one for an incoming document.

Go green, save money, improve office efficiency and become more environmentally responsible. It’s a winning combination!