How It Works

How it Works

How To Get Started!

If you have a Fax To Email account you already have Print To Fax!

Just download the driver and install it. When you are done it will prompt you to login. Just use the same credentials as your Fax To Email account And you are all set!

Don’t have a Fax To Email account?
Go here to sign up. We have a 10 day free trial so there is nothing in the way getting your cloud fax setup.

Faxing is as easy as printing!

Once the driver is installed and setup with your Fax To Email account you just choose to print to the WestFax Printer. So if you use Word, Excel or a PDF you can just File->Print and the hard part is over.

Just enter your recipient’s fax number(s) and hit send. Faxing! Done!

Want to check on your fax? Just log into the Fax To Email site with your normal credentials and you’ll see your fax in the outbox.

Need more help? See our blog post on installing and cofiguring your Print to Fax software.

Download the 32-Bit legacy version

Note to system administrators: Do not use Print Driver on a shared terminal server or workstation with multiple users.