Cloud Fax OCR Engine

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OCR Engine overview

  • OCR to Direct Message Protocol
  • HIPAA Compliant OCR Engine.
  • Works on all inbound faxes.
  • Custom OCR level to fit your specific needs.
  • Supports most barcode/QR formats natively.
  • Output options include txt, xml, json or API methods.
  • Simple pricing model

Enterprise Class OCR Engine for ultimate flexibility

Extract high volumes of unstructured data from your fax documents with ease and accuracy. Whether you are processing billing claims, medicare forms or legal agreements, WestFax has the OCR capabilities you need to scale your enterprise and improve automations.

Medical Remittances | Claims Forms | Legal Agreements | Prescriptions | & more

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How OCR Works

Multiple OCR Techniques

Our OCR Engine ranges from basic plain-text extraction to advanced structured data output. WestFax can solve even the most complex OCR workflows.

Healthcare organizations have turned to OCR (Optical character recognition) software to facilitate better workflows, paperless offices and increased efficiency. WestFax is known for its high volume and high scalability secure cloud fax service. OCR is the next obvious step. We have integrated OCR into our fax platform to support multiple types of recognition and extraction methods.

OCR Type 1


Basic OCR scanning to text or XML output. All recognized characters and numbers are extracted. This is the simplest OCR method and used for basic text recognition and extraction.

OCR Type 2


OCR structured scanning and barcode/QR code parsing. Documents featuring repeating patterns and common elements are easily mapped. This is commonly used for billing statements, invoices and orders.

OCR Type 3


Advanced OCR extraction for standard forms and fields from mapped documents. This is best implemented with government medical documents (CMS) and documents with fixed width layouts.


OCR Flow

Automate your fax processing with WestFax's enterprise OCR Engine

Other Features

  • Enhances existing fax platform
    If you are already a WestFax customer then adding OCR is simple. We can get your documents converting today!

  • Several levels of OCR
    Depending on your inbound documents we can tailor your OCR to best suit your needs.

  • Multiple delivery options
    Get your OCR data in multiple formats and methods. We can adapt to almost any workflow.

  • No 3rd party license required
    No more expensive per page licenses or 3rd party tools. WestFax handles it all.

  • Secure OCR Engine
    Our HIPAA Compliant cloud fax platform and OCR. A perfect match!