How to WestFax

Thank you for being a WestFax customer. Although faxing is easy sometimes we need a little help. We created this resource to guide you through almost every possible use-case for Faxing. From sending a fax via email to using the Print Driver to send a fax. If you need more assistance please feel free to reach out to use at 303-299-9329.

Secure Cloud Fax: How to use the WestFax Web Portal

Relevant Links
  1. WestFax Home Portal
  2. Secure Fax Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Cloud Fax: How to send a fax via Email or (Email to Fax)

Relevant Links
  1. Send a Fax via Gmail (or any mail client)
  2. Supercharge your fax: Using Advanced Flags in Email to Fax

Tools: How to use the WestFax Print Driver

Relevant Links
  1. WestFax Print Driver Page
  2. WestFax Print Driver Page
  3. 32-Bit legacy version

Tools: How to use the WestFax FaxTools

Relevant Links
  1. WestFax Faxtools Page
  2. WestFax Faxtools Install Guide

Account Setup: How to Port your Fax Number to WestFax

Relevant Links
  1. Number Portability Test
  2. Port a LOCAL NON-TOLL FREE Number Form
  3. Port a TOLL FREE Number Form

Account Setup: How to use the WestFax Admin Tool

Note: This tool is only available to enterprise customers.

Broadcast Fax: How to send a Broadcast Fax

Relevant Links
  1. Broadcast Login Page
  2. Broadcast Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do.... with the API?

These are a collection of How-To’s on getting yourself up and running using WestFax’s Secure Fax API. If you have any ideas for other articles or questions email us here.

  1. API QuickStart
  2. Postman Collection
  3. SwaggerHub Collection
  4. WestFax C# SDK And Demo
  5. API Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to us today at 800-473-6208 or if you have additional questions or we didn't cover what you are looking for.