WestFax White Papers and Case Studies

Detailed White papers, case studies, reports and one-pagers for HIPAA Compliant Fax service.

  • POTS Lines Soon To Be Retired Under FCC 19-72A1
    In 2019, the Federal Communications Commission deregulated the copper lines, allowing suppliers to phase out support and replace the infrastructure with modern technologies such as fiber and wireless to support new digital applications. FCC Order 19-72A1 [1] orders the shift to the newer alternatives by August 2, 2022. How does this affect your current fax service if you are a WestFax subscriber or if you have a legacy copper line based service?
  • Cloud Fax, Not VoIP, for Fax Over IP Networks
    VOIP has been a technological leap for Voice providers and telephony in general. Eliminating old copper twister pair lines in place of digital communications has been a blessing for most IT departments. It poses some interesting challenges for Fax implementation. We'll discuss those challenges and how Cloud fax services exceed the capabilities of most, if not all, Fax over IP or SIP fax providers.
  • Comparative Costs of Fax Servers and Cloud Fax
    We'll explore the comparitive costs of Cloud Based HIPAA Compliant fax relative to legacy hardware based / on-premise fax servers. We'll look at the Capital costs, fixed costs, variable costs and touch on the sunk costs of keeping your legacy on-premise platform vs upgrading to a cloud based solution now.


Security Documents (Specific)

These documents should only be used to satisfy CISO/InfoSec requirements.

Specific tools / feature documents

These documents are generic one-pagers that discuss HIPAA Cloud Fax.

API Documents

This is detailed API documentation for integrating with WestFax Cloud Fax

Other Documents

These are misc documents and one-pagers to assist with your fax deployment.