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Integrate WestFax Secure Cloud Fax with Epic

With WestFax Epic Integration you can send a fax directly from the Epic platform with no additional software required.

Leading healthcare organizations rely on the WestFax secure cloud fax platform because they know their fax will be delivered quickly and reliably.

The WestFax network is built on enterprise grade carrier networks using conventional telephony technology that is tried and true and best for fax. This combined with proprietary built-in AI which uses historical calling data to determine the best telephone carrier route, the highest possible baud rate and best retry algorithm — ensuring your fax gets delivered whenever possible.

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How Epic works with WestFax

Epic Workflow

Epic Print Services

With WestFax Epic Integration you can send a fax directly from the Epic platform utilizing Epic Print services (EPS) with no additional software required.

Secure Reception

WestFax can also receive your faxes by using a new or your existing fax number. WestFax provides multiple different secure integration choices to route your incoming faxes to match your work flow.

WestFax Print Driver

Outside the EHR faxing is as equally easy. The WestFax Print Driver allows you to fax any document from any application that supports printing.

WestFax Secure Fax Portal

WestFax provides an easy to use, secure fax portal that can be used for account management and sending and receiving of faxes.

WestFax Platform features:

  • Direct Integration with Epic Print Services for outbound fax.
  • 100% cloud based. No hardware or software needed.
  • TLS 1.2 encryption enforced for all document transport.
  • Custom fax reporting to audit and review your fax traffic.
  • Optional on-premise applications to match your workflow needs.
  • Easy to use customizable cover-page options.
  • High availability and reliability with multiple data centers.
  • Best in class customer service with live phone support.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • SOC2 and HITRUST standards in use.