Comprehend - Fax Automation and Document Workflow

Data Entry is the single biggest time and cost factor processing inbound faxes. Let's fix it for good!


What is WestFax Comprehend?

With WestFax Comprehend we can automate your fax document workflow to work for you instead of against. Getting data into your EHR or process is time consuming. Through intelligent extraction and classifications we can handle any format and type of document to get the data you need fast. The goal of full data interoperability is fulfilled!

How Comprehend Works!

Comprehend Flow diagram
Let's start with an inbound fax. The fax arrives and is encoded into a readable document (tiff or pdf). Then we pass it to the Fax optimized OCR Engine
The document is scanned and all readable text/barcodes and data is read and set aside for later processing. It is then passed to the document classifier engine.
Here we examine the documents and attempt identification of the type of document. It is matched against a known template library. We can also develop custom templates for any document.
Now we extract the data intelligently using a known template or flexible template if the document is free-text. We rate the document for clarity and attribute a confidence score.
This is an optional step where a human reviewer can manually review the document for any errors and correct data before submission to the data engine.
Here we format the validated content into a handful or formats. Most typically json / xml or other structured format including FHIR compatible format.
The structured data is now delivered to the appropriate endpoint or process. Whether that is a FHIR enabled EHR or API endpoint for immediate ingestion

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Leading healthcare organizations rely on the WestFax secure cloud fax platform because they know their fax will be delivered quickly and reliably. WestFax has bridged the gap between being an enterprise secure fax provider to being an enterprise workflow solution used by some of the largest healthcare technology companies today.

We built our tools to support existing legacy processes with our focus firmly on cutting edge modern standards and tools to ensure seamless transformation.

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