What is Fax to Email and how does it work?

Get your entire company set up in 4 easy steps

If one has worked in an office then the fax machine has been a part of almost every business. Love them or hate them the fax machine has be relegated to the backoffice area or in a closet. Ever faithful and reliable but with the advent of newer scanning and workflow options on copiers and other devices we are seeing a move to more digital fax solutions. Offering faxing service to your entire workforce is as easy as sending an email.

Here is how easy our Fax to Email service is to set up:

  1. Create an account on our Fax to Email service and choose your toll free or local fax number.
  2. Once you have your account created head over to Fax-Email settings under the account menu.
  3. On the Allowed Senders option just add your staff email accounts (see below)
  4. Once you have your emails added anyone can send an email to ###-###-####@westfax.com (replace # with the number) and your fax will be sent.
  5. That’s it! Easy. Signup today for a two month FREE trial of WestFax Fax to Email service.