Fax Tools

How It Works

How it Works

The Details


Once the tool is installed you just select the default printer you want to use for your inbound faxes. Then you select “Enable”. That’s it! We’ll print any fax that comes in. Want to turn it off? Just click disable and turn it back on when you want to resume printing.

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Gone are the days of setting up secure FTP (although we’ll still support it if you need it). Just select your primary backup location and your secondary backup location, if you need redundancy, and click enable. We’ll download every fax you have on our servers and keep it synchronized automatically.

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How To Get Started!

If you have a Fax To Email account you can use FaxTools!

  1. Download the FaxTools application and save it to your computer. We have an install guide if you want step by step instructions.
  2. Unzip the files to any directory and click setup.exe to start the installer.
  3. Choose a location to install the faxtools. Make såure you have at least 50mb of space available.
  4. After setup completes the application will launch.

Don’t have a Fax To Email account? Go here to sign up.

Have more than one fax line?

No worries. We didn’t forget our power users and enterprise customers. We support all your fax lines and you can toggle between them. Just set them up accordingly so your entire fax ecosystem is covered.

It runs in the background too.

We coded this application to run automatically in the background so you can just set it and forget it. If you reboot the server or desktop we’ll start it back up when you restart back in. This ensures your fax processing is never interrupted.