Five Time-Saving Tools for Your Phone to Maximize Productivity

We are a mobile-addicted population and have no intent on trying to change that habit, but we do have some ideas to optimize your use of the portable computer you carry around all day.

Here are 5 time-saving tools for your smartphone.


Forest App Image

For those people that pick up their phone every time it bings, bleeps, or squawks comes a tool that rewards you if you stay off it. You set a timer (usually 25 minutes aka Pomodoro technique) and if you leave it alone your virtual tree grows. After a week you can see your “Forest” of trees and see your Forest of productivity visualized by all the trees. This writer personally enjoyed this app and found it a little addicting to leave the phone alone.

WestFax Mobile Fax

WestFax Mobile Fax App Preview

Sometimes you just need to receive a fax. Faxing is still alive and well, particularly in the world of medicine. HIPAA laws require your doctor to use a secure document transport method to send your medical records. Fax is the answer. But not the old thermal paper type of fax. WestFax provides a mobile app that allows you to send, receive and store your medical records securely from your smartphone. Just download the app in the Google Play or App Store.


Scanbot App Preview Image

This tool can be used with the WestFax Mobile app to capture documents, clean them up, crop them, and make them into documents that can be faxed. Just point and click and the app will import the document and give you something you send via email or fax.

Google Keep

Google Keep App Preview Image

This little app just sneaks its way onto your phone in the last few years. It’s surprisingly minimalist for a Google app and it looks like something they just bought, branded, and released to the world. If you need to take a quick note, make a list, or jot down an idea this app is perfect. You just open it and start typing. It organizes it like post-it notes all laid out and easy to access. Its simplicity is its best feature.


Buffer App Preview Image

Social media used to be a small passive activity usually performed by the intern or whoever had time. In recent years Social media can and will make or break a company. Organizations now hire a Social media staff to handle these functions but not all businesses can afford a full-time social media manager. Buffer is a tool that enables a small business to create a large number of social media posts and schedule them over the week on a schedule. This allows a small business to spend an hour or two and get all the social media done and forget about it until next week.

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