Using Cover pages in Email to Fax.


Cover Pages

Hey WestFax users! Great news! Last month, as you may or may not know we rolled out built in cover pages into the Print Driver and the Fax Console. Now we have integrated cover pages into Email to Fax. Now, adding a cover page is as simple as adding a little piece of text into your email subject.

You probably already know how to send a fax via Email to Fax. It's essentially just sending an email with the destination address formatted as a (i.e. You can learn more about that here.

Adding a cover page used to require manually attaching a word or pdf document to your email as an attachment. Well, that was the old way. The new way is much easier.

Ok, now you want to confirm that you are an Allowed Sender. You can do this by going to Settings->Account Settings. Just be sure that your email address in the list of Allowed Senders. Ok, moving forward...

So open any email program you use and create a new email. The to Address should be a fax number So if you wanted to send a fax to 555-111-2222 you would send the email to

Now add any file attachments. This will be the documents that are converted to a fax and transmitted.

Ok, so you have your attachment, your email (fax address) and all you need to do is type in the Subject. The subject should contain a small simple word or two that will show up on the header of the fax document. In our example below we are using Claim #298493. The only thing you need to do is include a /cp at the end of the subject
(Advanced: You can use /cp coverpagename to specify a different cover page instead of default)

Email cover page

Hit Send! That's it!

Note: You can send a fax to yourself. Just use your fax number for the to address. This way you can test it out.

If you have any questions please contact us at (800) 473-6208, or via e-mail at