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The Role of Faxing in IRS Submissions

As tax season approaches, taxpayers often seek the fastest way to file their taxes, considering options beyond traditional mailing, such as faxing. However, it's essential to understand that the IRS does not accept tax forms via fax for filing purposes. The only accepted methods for filing taxes are e-filing and mailing the documents directly.

Secure Transmission

Within a world of global conflict, cybersecurity threats loom large, the security of sensitive information is paramount, particularly during tax season. Faxing, often perceived as "old technology", holds a unique advantage in this regard. Unlike email, which can be vulnerable to interception and hacking, fax transmissions are inherently more secure due to their direct point-to-point connection over telephone lines. This makes it significantly harder for unauthorized individuals to intercept sensitive tax documents. Furthermore, secure faxing incorporates advanced encryption protocols, ensuring that your confidential tax information remains protected from the moment it's sent until it reaches the IRS.

What Can I Fax the IRS?

IRS fax numbers are specific to each department and are intended for submitting certain non-return forms and documents. Given the variety of IRS offices and frequent updates, it's crucial to verify the correct fax number for your specific needs, typically found on the relevant forms or IRS publications.

Permissible Fax Documents

While tax returns are not accepted via fax, several forms can be transmitted this way, including:

  • Form SS-4 for applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Form 8821 for authorizing disclosure of tax information.
  • Form 2848 for appointing a power of attorney or tax representative.

Sending Faxes to the IRS

Faxing documents to the IRS is similar to faxing to any other recipient. Whether using a traditional fax machine, a multifunction printer, or an online service, the process involves dialing the IRS's specific fax number for the form or document you are sending.

Key IRS Fax Numbers

For convenience, here are some IRS fax numbers categorized by form and region:

Form SS-4:

  • 855-641-6935 (within the US)
  • 855-215-1627 (US, no legal residence)
  • 304-707-9471 (outside the US).

Form 8821 and 2848:

  • 855-214-7519 (eastern US)
  • 855-214-7522 (western US, Hawaii, Alaska)
  • 855-772-3156 (US territories)
  • 304-707-9785 (foreign countries).

Additional Fax Use Cases

Besides IRS submissions, faxing can be useful for sharing tax documents with professionals or advisors, especially when remote collaboration is necessary. This can include W-2 or 1099 forms, receipts for deductions, and financial statements.

While faxing offers a quick way to send specific documents to the IRS, it's not a viable option for filing tax returns. Ensure you're using the correct fax number for your needs and consider secure online fax services like ours for added convenience and security.

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