WestFax Secure Fax API

Integrate fax capabilities into your own applications. The Fax API uses TLS 1.2 encryption for fax transmissions, and AES 256-bit encryption for fax storage and is 100% HIPAA Compliant out of the box!

Getting Started with Fax API

  • First, get a free developer account. We take security seriously. Once you fill out our form we’ll get you credentials and get you started.
  • Start sending test faxes in minutes with our Quickstart articles.
  • After you get your credentials we have two sandboxes for you to prototype: Postman | SwaggerHub
  • That’s it! You are faxing! If you have any questions reach out to our developer support team at 303-299-9329 or Email us.

Quick Links

WestFax SDK and Demo – C# project with SDK and Demo project.  All source code included.  *Recommended
WestFax API Postman Collection – A postman collection demonstrating methods of the WestFax API.
WestFax PHP Sample – A ready-to-use Php example using the WestFax API.  Includes client side and server side API access.
Technical Documentation (PDF) – Detailed technical documentation of API interfaces.
Demo App Download – WinForms demo of various API methods.
API Input Parameters / Return value Enums – Commonly used functions and their input / output values.