What used to be a fad is now the norm. The “Cloud” is here for good. We use cloud computing for everything these days. Netflix, Gmail and almost any tool you access on the web is on the Cloud. Enterprise Fax has moved to the cloud as well although many still cling to their beloved or not so beloved fax machine because change is hard.

The good news is you can switch to cloud fax, port your fax number seamlessly and retire your ancient fax machine.  It’s an easy IT department win before the end of the year.

Here are some compelling reasons to make the switch today:

  1. Get rid of that old phone line. With the introduction of VoIP based phone systems the orphaned fax line has become an expensive proposition. Many phone carriers don’t even offer a suitable solution for your fax machine. If they do offer a standalone telephone line the technology used makes sending and receiving fax very difficult. The time wasted chasing down faxes that don’t go through can make you crazy.
  2. No more busy signals. You can send and forget it. If the receiver is busy we’ll keep dialing. If your business receives faxes your clients and customers don’t have to wait for the line to be clear.
  3. Collaboration is easy. Faxes are received as PDF’s and you can save them and email them around. Mark them up and send them back. No more scanning on the copier to get your faxes into PDF’s.
  4. Cloud based fax solutions are much more secure. You only print the records you need, if you even need to print them at all. The ePHI documents you send are receive are stored securely waiting for you when you need them. Notifications can be sent via e-mail so you know when a fax is received.
  5. Mobile apps. Imagine viewing a clients proposal on the road or at a sporting event. WestFax’s apps for android and ios devices allow you to do just that.

Now is the time to make the switch. WestFax offers a 30 day FREE trial.
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