WestFax API Call breakdown: Fax_SendFax

We breakdown the parameters needed for Fax_SendFax and let you know how to get started fast with our HIPAA Compliant Fax API

WestFax API on Laptop ScreenLet's breakdown the Fax_SendFax call and it's parameters. You can find our API documentation at our Postman collection which you can import into Postman and prototype quickly. Fields may be optional or required. Some fields have iterating values (Files0...999) where you can have multiple values. You can test your implementation using Postman to prototype your code. We love Postman but don't recommend utilizing their code samples as we have seen issues with some platforms.

We expect you to have some level of knowledge of API development with Restful APIs.

If you don't we suggest these great courses on udemy.com.

Let's look at the Call in the Postman collection and we'll detail each parameter below this image:

Fax Send Collection on Postman

Call parameters details:

  1. Username
    -Required- This is your WestFax Username

  2. Password
    -Required- This is your WestFax Password

  3. Cookies
    -Optional- You can disregard this field

  4. ProductId
    -Required- This is your Fax line's ProductId / APIKey

  5. JobName
    -Required- Choose a job name. Doesn't show up on the fax but will be available in reporting

  6. Header
    -Required- Header that goes on the document top middle. If you want to disable the header contact WestFax Support.

  7. BillingCode
    -Required- Enter any value here. For reporting purposes

  8. Numbers1
    -Required- This is the Fax Number you are calling. ###-###-#### format

  9. Numbers2
    -Optional- You can add more numbers by iterating on this value Numbers2...999

  10. Files0
    -Required- This is the file you are faxing. You can also iterate this value to add more files (i.e. Files1...999)

  11. CSID
    -Optional- This is the CallerID that the receiving fax machine will see. Use your number.

  12. ANI
    -Required- This should be your fax number in format: ##########

  13. StartDate
    -Required- If you want the fax to go now enter 1/1/1999 or any date before now. You can schedule a fax for later by putting in a MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS UTC timestamp

  14. FaxQuality
    -Optional- Fine or Normal. Defaults to Normal

  15. FeedbackEmail
    -Optional- The email address that gets the receipt email.

  16. CallBackUrl
    -Optional- This is the web callback URL. See this article to use the CallBackUrl.

This should help you understand Fax_SendFax. If you need assistance please contact us using the "Need Support" button on the bottom left.

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