Fax Confidentiality Statements: Why they are important.


ConfidentialSending confidential information by fax has significant advantages over using e-mail attachments. E-mail, after all, is notoriously susceptible to security breaches. Over and over again, we have seen stories in the headlines that provide clear evidence of the potentially disastrous consequences of relying on e-mail for confidential communication.

Fax, on the other hand, has proven to be reliable and secure; so much so, in fact, that hospitals and other medical providers routinely use secure fax services to transmit confidential patient information. That information is protected by federal law, and there are severe penalties when healthcare providers fail to provide adequate safeguards against unauthorized access.


Although electronic fax services are highly secure, it’s important to take the appropriate precautions when faxing confidential information in order to ensure that unauthorized parties do not access it. It’s good practice to include a confidentiality statement as part of a cover page for any fax that may include sensitive information.

Here are some guidelines for putting together a good fax confidentiality statement:

Fax confidentiality statements provide protection for both senders and receivers against legal liability in the event that the information is accessed by an unauthorized third party. In addition, senders will receive confirmation of the transmission to the intended recipient, providing an additional level of legal protection.

While it is common for e-mail communications to include similar disclaimers, they don’t provide the same level of legal protection. Moreover, they typically appear at the end of an e-mail communication, after the confidential information; so they do a poor job of preventing the accidental disclosure of confidential information.

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