How to setup internet faxing on Xerox MFP copiers

Xerox MFP's are easy to convert to digital cloud fax. Get your Xerox MFP setup to send fax with no fax line. Start faxing without the hard-line today!

Fax machine icon with mouse cursor clickingIn this guide we will walk you through setting up your Xerox MFP to send faxes without an extra app or complicated setup. You just hit the Fax button, type in the number and the scanned document will be sent. There are a few things you need to do before you can start setting up your HP to send faxes.


  • MFP Setup pre-requisites
  • WestFax account
  • Set up an email address as an allowed sender.

MFP Setup pre-requisites

There are a few things you need to have set up on your MFP before you get started. You may be the administrator or you may need an administrator to perform these actions. This article will not address these issues as one can google this information or have your admin set this up.

  • MFP must be connected to the internet
  • MFP must have an Email server connected (usually used for Email Scanning)
  • MFP must support Internet Fax

WestFax Account

Getting an account is easy. Just go to our HIPAA Compliant Fax page and explore our plans.

Setup up an email address as an allowed sender

An allowed sender is an email address that is configured to send faxing via email. To add an allowed sender you need to have your account created (previous step) or have an existing account with WestFax.

Setup Email to Fax settings

In the portal you go to Settings -> Fax to Email Settings and add the email address of your MFP or the email address that your MFP utilizes to send documents. MFPs can be configured to send from one account or can use the user's account. If you aren't sure ask your administrator.

Now you add the email address here and indicate if you want to return the receipt sent to the sender when the fax is complete.

Setup Email to Fax settings - Email address

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us for more information.

Xerox Setup pages

We will have screenshots that match most users' setups. Your MFP may look different but the steps are the same.

First you will want tolog in to the web interface on your MFP using the Xerox Administrative interface. Again, if you need assistance please contact your admin.

Once you are logged in you will see several panels and pages. You will probably start on a page that looks like this.

Setup Email to Fax settings - Xerox MFP Login Page

Once you are logged in you will want to click Apps on the left and select the Server Fax option. It may be disabled so you will want to enable it by clicking Show under the green icon.

Setup Email to Fax settings - Xerox MFP Fax Settings Page

You will now want to click the Transfer protocol. There are several ways to set this up however we will use the SMTP method for this demo.

Setup Email to Fax settings - Xerox MFP Fax Settings Page Detail

Here are the tested and confirmed settings for SMTP:

  • Email Notification
    Turn off this setting. It is not used.
  • Device Email
    This is from an address that you will set as an Allowed Sender in the step above.
  • SMTP Server Information
    You will need to have a valid SMTP server that can route email externally. Use your SMTP server.
  • Connection Security
    You should utilize StartTLS or SSL/TLS if available. TLS is preferred over SSL. Consult your HIPAA policy for recommended settings for SMTP connections.
  • Outgoing SMTP Authentication
    You will want to use your SMTP settings for authentication.

You will hit the OK button to set the SMTP settings.

Now you will want to set the Fax Server Domain Name. This is a critical setting. Click Edit next to Fax Server -> Domain Name

You will want to enter as the domain name and for Email Address Format select Do Not Prepend "Fax=" option.

Setup Email to Fax settings - Xerox MFP Fax SMTP Domain Name

When you are done here click OK

You may have to reboot your Xerox unit. After it reboots you can click the Fax button on the panel of your MFP, scan your document, enter the fax number, and click send. You are good to go!

Reach out to us today at 800-473-6208 or to learn more.

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