Fax Broadcast vs. Email Broadcast

With its unique ability to promptly deliver marketing messages and provide immediate confirmation of receipt, fax broadcast stands out as a distinctive format in B2B communication. In an era where email broadcast marketing dominates, it becomes crucial to compare these two methods in a vital aspect: open rates.

Fax vs. Email BroadcastSmart companies have been using fax broadcast marketing for decades. A fax broadcast is one of the only business communication formats that enables B2B marketers to immediately communicate a marketing message and confirm immediate delivery. Since most businesses use e-mail broadcast marketing it’s important to compare the two in one very important category, open rates.

Fax Broadcast open rates = 90%

This is a fairly simple concept when it comes to fax broadcast marketing. In many cases a device in the office actually audibly rings then prints out an opened marketing message. For fax users with a fax to e-mail service the user gets a notification and then opens the attachment, but since they receive important fax messages from multiple senders the e-mail is passed through spam filters and delivered to the fax recipient unfiltered. This fax broadcast process enables companies to communicate to customers with open rates well above 90%.

E-mail Broadcast open rates = 22%

MailChimp is one of the most widely used e-mail broadcast service providers. MailChimp sends billions of e-mails per month for about 15 million customers worldwide, so needless to say they have a lot of data. According to that data they published a report on open rates. Here are the findings (src).

Company SizeOpen RateClick RateSoft RateHard RateAbuse RateUnsub Rate
1 to 1021.53%2.84%0.56%0.43%0.02%0.30%
11 to 2520.62%2.43%0.57%0.45%0.02%0.30%
26 to 5021.40%2.74%0.39%0.30%0.01%0.17%

You will see an average open rate of only 21.59%. That means 78% of the potential customersyou are trying to send a marketing message to don’t even open the e-mail! Imagine all that hard work and time spent crafting the e-mail, making sure the links work, making sure the message is mobile platform compatible only to find that 78% of recipients won’t even open your e-mail. That’s frustrating!

High Five!

Here’s an idea. Try a Fax Broadcast in addition to your e-mail broadcast. You can even use the fax message to tease your e-mail to try to get that open rate up a few percentage points.

See you at the fax machine.

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