Getting Started with HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Fax Service

With features like print-to-fax, MFP integration, EPIC EHR integration, and a comprehensive fax API, our service ensures secure, efficient, and seamless faxing for your organization.

To begin with our HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service, select a plan that suits your needs. The HIPAA Basic plan starts at $14.99 per month and includes 500 pages, with additional pages costing $0.03 each. There is also a HIPAA 1500 and 3K plan for those who need higher volume. Enterprise plans are also available with customized features and pricing. Contact our sales departmentfor more information on custom plans.

During signup, you can port your existing fax number(s) or select a new one. After signing up successfully you will receive several emails, including instructions on porting their number. Your WestFax account will now be active and ready to use.

Here are some additional capabilities we provide to enhance the workflow within your organization.

Print to Fax

Our Print to Fax driver allows you to fax documents directly from any application that supports printing. This Windows print-to-fax driver simplifies the process by converting print commands into fax commands, making it seamless to send faxes without switching between applications. It's a convenient solution for quick and easy faxing directly from your desktop. The driver integrates smoothly with your existing workflows, eliminating the need for additional software or complex setups, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who frequently need to send documents directly from their computer applications.

MFP Integration

Integrating your multifunction printer (MFP) with our service enables you to send and receive faxes directly from your MFP device. Our MFP Integration capability connects your printer to the cloud fax service, providing a unified solution that enhances productivity and maintains the security of sensitive documents. This integration allows for seamless document handling and reduces the need for manual intervention, thus improving operational efficiency. It supports various MFP brands and models, making it a versatile option for different office environments. This solution is ideal for offices looking to consolidate their printing and faxing operations into one efficient system.

EPIC EHR Integration

For healthcare organizations, our EPIC EHR Integration allows seamless faxing from within the EPIC platform. This integration ensures that all fax communications are secure and HIPAA-compliant, facilitating the easy transmission of medical documents and patient information without the need for additional software. By embedding fax functionality directly into the EPIC system, healthcare providers can streamline their workflows, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure timely communication of critical information. This integration supports a range of healthcare-specific needs, making it easier to manage patient information securely and efficiently.

Cloud Fax Toolkit

Cloud Fax Toolkit provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your faxing processes. This toolkit includes features such as secure document transmission, incoming fax routing, detailed reporting, and integrations with various applications. It ensures that all your faxing needs are met efficiently and securely, making it an essential component for businesses aiming for HIPAA compliance with custom workflows. Additionally, the toolkit offers advanced analytics and administrative controls, allowing you to manage and monitor your fax usage effectively. The toolkit’s flexibility and robustness make it ideal for mid to enterprise-level organizations.


Our Fax API allows developers to integrate faxing capabilities into their applications efficiently. It supports various functions such as sending, receiving, and managing faxes programmatically. This API provides a flexible and scalable solution for businesses seeking to incorporate fax services into their existing workflows. With comprehensive documentation and support, the Fax API ensures easy integration, enabling businesses to automate fax processes and enhance their digital communication infrastructure. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies aiming to create custom fax solutions tailored to their specific operational needs.

By leveraging these tools and integrations, you can streamline your faxing processes, ensure HIPAA compliance, and enhance overall efficiency within your organization.

Contact our sales department today to learn more about what we offer.

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