Four Reasons You Need an Online Fax Service

If you have worked in an office that utilizes faxes we all have that love/hate with our fax machines. Whether it is a trusty old machine that never fails or some fancy copier integrated fax that, despite it being brand new, still suffers failures and odd error codes and at times you want to bash it to pieces out in the parking lot.

People sitting around conference tableNow might be time to move on to something better. Online Faxing.

Here are 4 Reasons it Makes Sense to Make the Switch

  • Money. plain and simple. Fax machines need toner, paper, occasional replacement, and a dedicated phone line. This adds up depending on your usage. $100’s a month just to keep that machine working.

  • Security. A physical fax machine can be a security risk as anyone with access to it can see incoming and outgoing faxes. Online faxing is much more secure and faxes can be specifically routed to any individual or group that needs it.

  • Convenience and availability. Being able to send/receive and manage faxes using any computer or mobile device makes managing your faxing much easier. No longer are you bound to the office. One can receive and send a fax from any device.

  • Enhanced workflow. With online faxing such as WestFax, you can route incoming faxes to certain individuals or group email boxes. With the FaxForward functionality, you can allow anyone in your organization to send a fax as easily as sending an email. No more having to fill out cover letters and print off documents. Just attach the document to the email and send it. Easy and no need to deal with busy signals or hardware issues.

Regardless of the reason your fax machine will eventually break and the time and money spent on paper, ink, and the landline cost.

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