Cloud Fax use in the legal industry. Why Fax is still the most secure option

Despite the widespread transformation of communication methods due to the advent of the internet and email, which rendered many technologies obsolete, fax services have remarkably endured.

Stack of bound documentsThe internet and email affected all sorts of communication and turned it all into obsolete technology, but fax service miraculously survived. Though not as popular as it was in the 1980s, fax technology is still a favorite mode of communication in many fields in the US, especially among the legal community. Apart from affordability and flexibility, what made lawyers prefer faxing is the privacy and security that come along with the service. Legal documents that contain sensitive information are encrypted during transmission and on reaching the intended person. Online fax services have SSL encryption, two-factor authorization, secure log-in, and password protection, which are advantageous for law firms dealing with sensitive documents. Email can be intercepted; inboxes can be compromised by ransomware or malware whereas fax is nearly impossible to intercept.

The dependency of law firms on courier services faded with the introduction of the fax machine that significantly shortened the time between creating a document and sending it to a client from days to minutes. Many doctors, lawyers, and business people still use old-school analog systems. The traditional fax machine remains the hub of office communication for important legal, legal-related, and signature-gathering documents.

Cloud-based fax service, with advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure all documents are secure, is encrypted both at rest and in transit. It also ensures that fax is a secure and reliable way to send and receive documents containing potentially sensitive info.

The advantage of Cloud fax services are:

  1. Eliminate expensive hardware
  2. Does not require any hardware, software, or ongoing maintenance
  3. Say goodbye to your unreliable and costly fax infrastructure
  4. No more emails sent to the wrong contacts or waiting for responses
  5. It's green and saves paper and the environment.

Cloud-based fax technology complies with federal regulations and enables real-time service from court or office or home, provided you have a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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