Fax to Email: Going green and saving money too!


Paper Mountain

As a society we still go through too much paper. Even in this digital age we are still inundated with paperwork and documents daily. In contrast faxing has actually led the way in reducing paper waste with more usage of Fax to Email and online digital fax solutions.

Fax to Email:
  • Waste less paper
  • Waste less ink
  • Waste less electricity
  • Doesn’t need an extra phone line
  • Has no start up costs or installation
  • Is easy to use

Traditional paper faxing consumes over 200 billion pages per year alone and that’s just the United States. That’s a lot of paper, and a lot of water, electricity and logging to create that paper. Switching to electronic faxing reduces or cuts out all those costs.

Fax to Email also allows for more capable workflows and processes. A service can send faxes to multiple people via email instead of having to re-fax documents back and forth. With more and more offices have reliable scanning in their printers it is easier than even to digitize your faxing while maintaining the secure encryption and benefits of a fax service.

Faxing isn’t going anywhere but it is evolving and maturing with the times.

It’s easy to overlook fax machines in your companies environmental policies but just converting from physical faxing to a digital Fax to Email service can save companies a substantial amount of money in maintenance, paper and having to maintain a physical phone line.

Cord cutting isn’t only for TV. Cut the fax cord and sign up for Fax to Email today.