How green is your Fax?



More and more businesses are going green. In the early days of the eco-friendly movement businesses would spend more money to buy recycled paper and materials with the expectations that consumers would utilize their services or products over non-green competitors.

Nowadays going green hits the bottom lines of these businesses. In the era of increased competition and eco-policies, companies are no longer printing their materials on “100% recycled landfill recovered paper”. They aren’t printing anything at all!

The internet is one reason: Almost any flyer or product document can be served up digitally and even product manuals for luxury items are download only.

Another reason is to cut costs. Companies are doing away with all sorts of waste. Traditional faxes being a victim of this movement toward paperless workplaces.

Hardware Faxes vs Digital Fax solutions

Fax machines will always be around; however, Fax to Email solutions are now the go-to when it comes to fax workflows and management of fax documents. Utilization of scanner / copiers allows for people to print off a signature page, sign it, scan it, and then use a fax to email solution like WestFax to fax documents. Paper is eliminated completely when utilizing digital signatures from popular tools such as Adobe Acrobat.

This new Fax to Email movement is saving millions of trees and millions of dollars in wasted paper supplies.

Environmental impact

Using Fax to Email solutions also has the intended effect of preventing CO2 emissions and erosion in the environment. In the past an average person handles 10,000 pages of paper a year which is about 1 tree’s worth of paper. With less paper in hand we see less demand for paper and paper production which is a massive industry.

Going digital has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more about WestFax online faxing solutions.