Will Fax Ever Die?

Not Anytime Soon. Learn Why.

In 2014 WestFax celebrated the 50th anniversary of the fax machine. In 1964 at the height of the British pop invasion while America was still reeling from the Kennedy assassination, Xerox invented the modern office fax machine. While this office equipment staple has lost much respect over the past several years, it still remains essential to most businesses. Particularly businesses that require secure document transport to maintain HIPAA compliance. Marketing departments in every industry are also rediscovering the power of fax advertising to avoid spam filters and present a unified communication approach to reinforce their digital marketing efforts.

Most faxes today are received via e-mail. Dozens of service providers including WestFax offer an inexpensive easy-to-use electronic fax option to enable businesses to cut the phone cord and send and receive faxes via their e-mail account or mobile device. The WestFax service is $8.99 per month for individual users with lower cost options for multiple fax lines.

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