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Communicate Critical Information Quickly
Use fax broadcasting when you want to quickly communicate critical information.

Capture The Recipient’s Attention
Fax Broadcast is effective. While email can become buried in the inbox and direct mail tossed in the trash, broadcast faxes are perceived as time-sensitive communications that instantly capture the recipient’s attention.

Reach Many People at the Same Time Quickly
Fax Broadcast is reliable. It’s one of the quickest ways to reach out to many people simultaneously. Busy numbers are redialed. Failed calls are reported back to you in a detailed report.

Inexpensive Compared To Postal Mail
Fax Broadcast is affordable. Compared to postal mail, fax broadcasting makes it possible to reach recipients quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

Avoid Expensive Hardware, Software and Employee Costs
Plus, with WestFax’s fax broadcast solutions, there’s no expensive hardware or software to buy or wasted employee hours spent hovering over a fax machine.

Custom Fax Merge
Customized documents are far more likely to be routed to your targeted recipient making them much more likely to be read.

WestFax’s Custom Fax Merge solution lets you merge unique data fields into your document for a more personalized look. There’s no limit to the number of fields you can merge which means you can create anything from a basic “To” and “From” document to a complex order form tailored to each recipient.

We can work with multiple document types and database formats and can accommodate a wide variety of merge styles and fonts so that the merged information flows seamlessly with the rest of your document while avoiding the undesirable mismatched appearance from other types of merged content faxes.

Our skilled customer service team will work with you to ensure your document meets with your approval. Once you’ve signed off on the test we send you, your faxes are broadcast with the speed WestFax is famous for.

WestFax Web Tool
The WestFax Web Tool allows you to take charge of your projects by uploading, previewing and scheduling the distribution of hundreds of thousands of faxes per hour. Use it to also manage your removal lists, send quick faxes and view and pay invoices…all from an easy-to-use, web-based interface.

Just log in, and follow the Broadcast Fax Wizard to browse your hard drive for fax lists and documents. Then upload and preview your document, send a test page, and schedule it for distribution. Later, review the progress with real-time reporting.

Commonly used document formats such as Word, PDF, Publisher, TIFF and RTF as well as database formats CSV, ASCII Text and Dbase are supported. Stored removal lists are automatically deleted from your lists before the fax broadcast start time ensuring compliance. WestFax also provides a Web Tool to make additions to your removals list either one at a time or append a list.

Toll-Free Removals
WestFax’s never-busy, automated, toll-free fax removal feature frees you from the time-consuming chore of handling removal calls.

Callers are prompted through a simple menu including a confirmation playback that insures fax number accuracy. The number is added to your stored removal list. Phone numbers in your stored fax removal list will automatically be deleted from all future fax broadcasts.

Stored removal lists can also be accessed from the WestFax Web Tool. After login, you may upload one number at a time or append a list to your stored list following a simple wizard.


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