Save your fax document from a BASE64 object to a pdf

Sending a fax is easy as you may have already discovered, but what about retrieving a fax document for an inbound fax?In this article we’ll detail the process for converting your inbound faxes into actual documents.
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How to port your hard line fax number to digital cloud fax

You are paying for a dedicated phone line, fax machine upkeep and the paper and ink supplies. But you want to keep your fax number, and the process (you think) is a pain. Just know that it isn’t hard at all and here is how to do it quickly and easily. There is no better time to go to Digital Cloud Fax.
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Digital Cloud Fax Technology and Interoperability in Healthcare

From its analog origins in the sixties to the infinitely scalable Digital Cloud Fax platforms today that can send/receive/process and manage millions of faxes; Fax has never been as robust and powerful. The future of Fax and its role in healthcare has been a topic of much discussion but with the vision of an all-digital healthcare system still evolving, fax is seeing its architecture evolve to meet the challenges of complete interoperability.
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API Parameters and Return values [decoded]

Unless you are deep diving into the SDK you may miss some of the enum values that are useful for implementing the API. What are Enums? Basically they are a list of values that can be used as an input value for a web service or they are presented as output values. What does that help with? It allows you to have some control over the flow. We’ll look at the most frequently used API calls and break down the values allowed.
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What is a HIPAA Compliant Fax?

I recently had a routine medical checkup and as I was signing in I always look over to see if they have an old fax machine sitting somewhere. At some point a medical assistant asked one of the ladies at the desk if the fax needed a cover sheet. The woman at the desk quickly assured her that all faxes get coversheets no matter what. “All Faxes get cover sheets! No exceptions…ever!”. It's good to see my Doctors office take HIPAA so seriously.
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Most common HIPAA violations and how to avoid them.

HIPAA violations occur everyday. The best way to avoid HIPAA violations is for them not to occur in the first place. HIPAA laws are complex and they are subject to continuous change. The best defense is a good offense and in today’s medical environment there are no excuses for untrained personnel and careless mistakes.
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4 Ways to increase your productivity and maximize your business impact.

Every entrepreneur from the guy fixing cars out of his garage to someone running a consultancy knows that time is the #1 problem. Not enough time to get everything done. We cut corners, sacrifice effectiveness and in the end we hurt our business. These are some less common and not usually hit upon ways to increase productivity and maximize your time on the important work of executing your business priorities.
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Why HIPAA Compliant Fax Cover Sheets Are Important.

SLet’s talk about HIPAA fax cover pages. Do you really need to include a cover sheet? The short and only answer is YES. When handling sensitive medical information there is no wiggle room with regards to HIPAA safeguards. There are no guidelines on what a cover sheet should contain if transmitting HIPAA protected information however most agree that the following safeguards should be employed.
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How to add the WestFax API into your enterprise application

You have your enterprise application coded but you need to be able to send faxes occasionally. Sure, you could just generate a PDF, Print it off and then fax it. But with just a few lines of code you can integrate faxing into your application.
Here are some simple instructions to get your application fax enabled.

When your fax machine dies… How to get digital quick!

So the old fax machine finally bit the dust. What to do now? Do you run to the store to buy a replacement or maybe this is a great time to go digital finally. Going digital isn't as hard as you think.
Here is a simple guide to getting digital fast.

How to convert your company to online faxing in 3 easy steps.

Maybe your old fax machine died or you are tired of dealing with stacks of old faxes that you have to shred every month and you wish there was a better way. Online faxing isn't new but if you are still using your old fax machine then now is the best time to convert to online faxing.
There has never been a better time to switch.

4 Reasons to you need an online fax service

If you have worked in an office that utilizes faxes we all have that love / hate with our fax machines. Whether it is a trusty old machine that never fails or some fancy copier integrated fax that, despite it being brand new, still suffers failures and odd error codes and at times you want to bash it to pieces out in the parking lot.
There has never been a better time to switch.

5 Time Saving Tools for your phone to maximize productivity.

We are a mobile addicted population and we have no intent on trying to change that habit but we do have some ideas to optimize your use of the portable computer you carry around with you all day.
Here are 5 tools you should check out today.

5 Benefits of Cloud Fax for Medical Offices.

The fax machine as an office appliance is outdated, unsecure and a complete waste of time and money. How can you be sure that patient records are secure? Is someone monitoring the fax machine 24/7? HIPAA requirements are clear and fines for non-compliance are steep. Fax is still the best way to securely transfer patient records, but not with a traditional fax machine. Smart medical offices managers are making the switch to cloud based fax solutions and it’s easier than you may think.
Here are 5 benefits of making the switch today.

5 Essential tools for Digital Nomads

Traveling the world and working remotely is a new hot trend. Whether your destination is stateside or at an exotic location you will find that living remotely can pose an interesting set of challenges. There are plenty of websites dedicated to digital nomadism but here are 5 easy ways to keep things running smoothly.
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How green is your fax?

More and more businesses are going green. In the early days of the eco-friendly movement businesses would spend more money to buy recycled paper and materials with the expectations that consumers would utilize their services or products over non-green competitors.
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The IRS uses fax because it's secure.

The IRS gets flack for a lot of reasons but one recent article regarding the IRS use of fax machines is misleading. Whereas emails can get stuck in spam filters or never make it there because of a mistyped email address, fax provides a confirmation and security that email cannot easily mimic.
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Fax Broadcast vs. E-mail Broadcast

Smart companies have been using fax broadcast marketing for decades. A fax broadcast is one of the only business communication formats that enables B2B marketers to immediately communicate a marketing message and confirm immediate delivery. Since most businesses use e-mail broadcast marketing it’s important to compare the two in one very important category, open rates.
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Fax to Email: Going green and saving money too!

As a society we still go through too much paper. Even in this digital age we are still inundated with paperwork and documents daily. In contrast faxing has actually led the way in reducing paper waste with more usage of Fax to Email and online digital fax solutions.
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What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a United States legislation, signed in 1996. The goal of HIPAA was to standardize the electronic transmission of medical transactions. HIPAA also helps to protect against fraud, wasted health insurance and healthcare, and abuse. It also makes it easier to acquire long-term care and insurance.
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Feds kill e-mail in favor of more secure FAX for FOIA requests.

The Freedom of Information Act is a federal statute passed in 1966 that allows ordinary citizens in the United States to access documents and information held by the government. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is making some much needed changes to the way FOIA requests are submitted starting March 1st in order to deal with these requests via a more secure method. The FBI is now completely abandoning e-mail requests in favor of good old secure fax.
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Will FAX ever die?

In 2014 WestFax celebrated the 50th anniversary of the fax machine. In 1964 at the height of the British pop invasion while America was still reeling from the Kennedy assassination, Xerox invented the modern office fax machine. While this office equipment staple has lost much respect over the past several years, it still remains essential to most businesses. Particularly businesses that require secure document transport to maintain HIPAA compliance. Marketing departments in every industry are also rediscovering the power of fax advertising to avoid spam filters and present a unified communication approach to reinforce their digital marketing efforts.
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History of the Fax and why it’s not going away

The origin of the “Fax” machine has it’s roots much earlier than the more widely accepted invention of the fax by Xerox corporation in 1964. If you want to look back into history over the mechanism for reproduction of a printed object over long distance you have to look back to Scottish inventor Alexander Bain, who worked on chemical mechanical fax type devices and in 1846 was able to reproduce graphic signs. For his efforts he received a British patent for his “Electric Printing Telegraph” in 1843. Inventor Frederick Bakewell made improvements on Bain’s design and demonstrated a telefax machine. The Pantelegraph, an early form of facsimile machine transmitting over normal telegraph lines, was invented by the Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli. Thus the first commercial telefax service between Paris and Lyon in 1865, some 11 years before the invention of the telephone.
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